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Latina's in Progress Scholarship Program

Group picture of Latinas in Progress class of 2019

HWNT-RGV LIP Class of 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 Latinas in Progress Scholarship Program. Our program completed its final sessions in March with 26 young ladies now seeking to be awarded scholarships from our organization.

Latina's in Progress Program

HWNT strives to encourage and support young Latinas to attain a college degree through seminars designed to equip them with skills and information to success in their personal and future careers. The program provides five learning sessions volunteer opportunities and mentoring from highly successful Latinas from public, civic and corporate fields. Through the monthly sessions , the young ladies are provided access to experiences and activities to build leadership skills, life skills and personal development.

We would like to thank our hosts; University of Texas RGV, Texas A&M Higher Education Center, South Texas College, College of Health Care Professionals and the McAllen Boys and Girls Club as well as all the incredible speakers who shared their stories of adversity, educational achievement and professional success. The program is only successful through their support. To donate to the scholarship fund, contact Estela Salazar , Treasurer or Kelly Solis, VC of Scholarships.

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