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Our Lady in Red "Madrinas"

Welcome to the "Madrina" webpage, celebrating the remarkable Lady in Red Madrinas! Our Madrinas are trailblazing women who lead with innovation and advocate passionately for women's issues. They embody a deep commitment to community and public service, supporting the mission of the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas (HWNT) through advocacy, education, professional development, and philanthropy.

Our Lady in Red Madrinas invest in the next generation of Latina leaders by serving as mentors and making a meaningful contribution towards our cause. Since the inception of the Lady in Red Scholarship Gala in 2021, these Madrinas have played a pivotal role, nurturing and empowering young Latinas to thrive and succeed.

Explore our page to discover more about these inspiring women and their impactful contributions to our community and beyond. Join us in celebrating their dedication and leadership as we continue to uplift and support Latina excellence together.


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