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HWNT represents your voice and policy positions in education at the

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Latinas in Progress

Since our inception, HWNT members understood the importance of advanced education to an individual’s financial freedom and the ability to give back to the community. The Latinas in Progress™ (LIP) Education Series mentors high school and college Latinas with the skills to be successful on their educational journey. Our Chapter equip students with the skills needed to succeed in higher education and the requirements of colleges and universities.

The series involves volunteer opportunities and mentorships by HWNT members.  Central to the program are six learning sessions designed to enable students to:

  • Learn about the college process,

  • Improve on writing skills,

  • Gain assertive skills,

  • Understand the importance of civic engagement, and

  • Learn about healthy living and important life skills.


The sessions are hosted at partner colleges and universities on one Saturday a month during the school year from September to March. LIP also exposes the students to professional women who share their stories of overcoming adversity and achieving higher education and professional success. The sessions provide enriching learning experiences and access to information, financial resources, and exposure to universities.  Both students and HWNT members realize that an advanced education is critical for a successful career and the opportunity to assist the next generation of Latinas.


Class of 2025

Deadline: August 23, 2024

J. Gonzalez, Class 2023

"It has given me more knowledge of being successful and being an independent women."

C.L. Flores, Class of 2023

"My participation in LIP has taught me how to make a difference within my future."

A. Garza, Class of 2023

"It has given motivation to keep on going even though there will be obstacles in the way."

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