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Laura Flores

Certified Life Health Wellness Coach
Just Do It Life Coaching

Laura Flores is a Certified Life Health And Wellness Coach in McAllen Texas. She is the author of Shameless A story of Overcoming Obstacles thru adversity. She is a successful Motivational speaker and she also is a fitness model and Bert ODGEN BMW electric car reveal commercial model. When Laura isn't Motivating her clients she's in the gym or with her family. Her passion is Health and wealth which she has made her passion this year . She is dedicated to educating women globally of the importance of internal health and how it plays a huge role in our success externally. She is an influencer and believes your platform is your opportunity to spread information and education regarding health and wellness. She recently lost her mother to cancer and has made it her mission to help educate and give back to her community in various forms . She is giving a scholarship in her mothers name in her memory this year and forward to continue blessing others with the leadership her mother instilled in her. She is honored to be a LADY IN RED for the 2nd Year. Also she was featured in Inspiring Lives Magazine which also featured individuals like Michelle Obama and Halle berry.

Laura Flores
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