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Building a Legacy of Education: The Aminta and Jose Baldemar Flores Scholarships

Updated: May 24, 2023

-The Parents of Laura Flores-

In a powerful testament to the strength and resilience of women, the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas (HWNT) RGV Chapter recently hosted an awe-inspiring Scholarship Awards Luncheon for the 2023 Graduates of the Latinas in Progress (LIP) Scholarship Program. This event not only celebrated the next generation of Latina leaders but also highlighted the remarkable legacies of two extraordinary individuals: Aminta Estella Flores and Jose Baldemar Flores. Through the establishment of the Aminta and Jose Baldemar Flores Scholarships, Laura Flores, their daughter and owner of Just Do It Life Coaching, is providing young women with the opportunity to pursue higher education in fields that resonate with their passions and ambitions.

" But when I was understanding the whole concept of this program I decided that it was honorary that it was their legacy that I wanted to continue."- Quote from Laura Flores speech from LIP Scholarship Luncheon

Aminta Estella Flores, an exceptional student who graduated at the age of 16, harbored a lifelong dream of pursuing a career in the medical field. However, she selflessly prioritized her family and postponed her own aspirations. Despite this, Aminta actively engaged with her community through organizations such as the Pan American Round Table and Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. Her intelligence and support uplifted countless individuals as they pursued their dreams. Even during her battle with cancer, Aminta's unwavering desire was to continue helping others succeed. To honor her mother's legacy and fulfill Aminta's dream, Laura Flores established the Aminta Flores Scholarship, empowering high school senior females to pursue higher education in the medical field alongside the HWNT Latina In Progress Scholarship.

Jose Baldemar Flores, a dedicated student and member of the Law Society during his time at Pan American University, made his family a priority while also working as an Edinburg Police officer and an Edinburg Fireman. Known for his quiet yet precise decision-making, Mr. Flores believed in the power of pursuing one's dreams. Tragically, he yearned for more time to dedicate to his ambitions. In memory of her father and to fulfill his wish, Laura Flores established the Jose Baldemar Flores Scholarship. This scholarship empowers a young woman to pursue her dreams in the law enforcement field, honoring Jose's legacy of dedication and encouraging future leaders in this vital profession.

"My Father and Mother both instilled one major, major thing in me;" Education is Prime!""-Quote from Laura Flores speech from LIP Scholarship Luncheon

At the HWNT Scholarship Awards Ceremony, two outstanding young women were celebrated for their exceptional achievements. Diviana Runyon Vargas, a senior from PSJA Memorial Early College HS, was awarded the prestigious Aminta Estella Flores Scholarship, a newly created scholarship that recognizes academic excellence and supports young women in pursuing higher education in the medical field. Diviana's dedication and commitment to her education made her an ideal recipient of this esteemed scholarship.

In addition, Natalie Sofia Salazar, a remarkable LIP participant as well as a senior from PSJA Early College HS, was honored with the Jose Baldemar Flores Scholarship. This scholarship, established in memory of Jose Baldemar Flores, empowers a young woman to pursue her dreams in the law enforcement field. Natalie's passion for justice and her desire to make a positive impact in her community exemplify the spirit of the scholarship.

The HWNT Scholarship Awards Luncheon served as a momentous occasion to celebrate the achievements of these extraordinary young Latina leaders. Through the support of the HWNT-RGV Chapter, Laura Flores of Just Do It Life Coaching, and the establishment of the Aminta and Jose Baldemar Flores Scholarships, these young women are equipped with the resources and encouragement to overcome obstacles and pursue their aspirations. By carrying forward the legacies of Aminta and Jose Baldemar Flores, Laura Flores is igniting hope, inspiration, and empowerment within these exceptional individuals, fostering a future generation of leaders who will leave an indelible impact on their communities and beyond.

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