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Empowering Women Through Education: Dr. Annabelle Palomo's Impact as LIR Gala Title Sponsor

Dr. Annabelle Palomo presents the HWNT/LIP Scholarship check.

We want to take a moment to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Annabelle Palomo, CEO/College President of RGV College, for her generous donation towards the LIP (Latina In Progress) girl scholarship. Her support is a true testament to her dedication to the community and the education of young women.

"As the CEO/College President of Rio Grande Valley College and an educator at heart, I have been afforded the opportunity to graduate thousands of students in the healthcare field as well as creating pathways of opportunities for Hispanics in our region. Throughout my lifetime, I have been surrounded by wonderful educational mentors who inspired me to pursue a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Through that experience I’ve become a role model for students in our community by proving “why” education” is the best investment in our lives."-Dr. Annabelle Palomo

As a native resident of the Rio Grande Valley, Dr. Palomo has been a tireless advocate for education and student success for over 30 years. Her accomplishments and contributions to the educational community have been widely recognized, including prestigious awards such as the Texas Elementary Principal of the Year Award and District Teacher of the Year.

Dr. Palomo's dedication to education led her to found RGV College, which has educated thousands of students in the healthcare field. Under her leadership, RGV College has grown to become one of the top nursing schools in Texas, with over 1,200 nurses educated through their programs.

In addition to her work with RGV College, Dr. Palomo is also actively involved in various community organizations, including serving as a Board Member for the Pharr Economic Development Board Foundation, the Pharr Chamber of Commerce, and VAMOS Organization, among others. Her commitment to education and the community is truly inspiring.

Dr. Palomo's generous donation towards the LIP girl scholarship will help young women in the Rio Grande Valley achieve their educational goals and empower them to become leaders in their communities. We are deeply grateful for her support and dedication to this cause.

" When this organization ask me to sponsor, it was a no brainer for what it is." -Quote from Dr. Annabelle Palomo

Thank you, Dr. Annabelle Palomo, for your generosity and commitment to education and the empowerment of young women. Your support for the LIP girl scholarship will make a real difference in the lives of so many students, and we are honored to have you as a partner in this important work.


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