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2022 Estrella de Tejas Award

Cristina Solis Wilson

Cristina Solis Wilson is a recipient for the Estrella de Tejas Award at the 35th Annual State HWNT Conference

San Antonio,TX, September 19, 2022 - The Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (HWNT), is a non-profit state-wide organization established in 1986. HWNT’s purpose is to promote the advancement of women in public, corporate and civic life through education, personal and professional development. HWNT announced today that Cristina Solis Wilson is a recipient for the Estrella de Tejas Award at the 35th Annual State Conference.

Each year HWNT recognizes a woman from among their membership of each chapter, who have made significant contributions to their chapter, community and are role models for their chapter.

Cristina Solis Wilson has been a member of the Rio Grande Valley HWNT Chapter since 2016. Cristina has served in several board positions, she was most recently the Rio Grande Valley HWNT Chair Elect. Cris as she is known among her peers has contributed immensely to the Rio Grande Valley Chapter with her insight into business and systems organization. She was instrumental in the initial review and approval of local by-laws and standing rules to, developing the website, initiating the phone system that allowed for easy access to the organization and has been a speaker and supporter of the Latinas in progress program since its inception.

Further Cris has represented the chapter at the state level as Vice Chair of Membership which not only benefited the State but benefited the chapter with first hand knowledge and information that allows for better management of the membership roll. Throughout her time with HWNT, she has dedicated her time and energy to making the organization visible, professional, and recognized. She has a “Can Do” attitude that has brought much to the organization. She pours her heart and soul into the work of the organization. Her peers recall that even when she was called to service in Afganistan and throughout the states, she worked to mentor Marie, a new board member to assure her success and that of the organization. When called upon to assist in any capacity, Cris finds a way. Her contributions to the chapter are unmatched.

HWNT is proud to honor and acknowledge Cristina Solis WIlson for making significant contributions and being a role model for members in her chapter.

This year the ceremony will take place on September 30, 2022 in San Antonio, TX during the 35th HWNT State Annual Conference.

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