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Fueling Dreams, Empowering Change: HWNT-RGV's LIP Program Leads the Way

LIP Students at LIR Gala


The Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (HWNT) RGV Chapter recently held a Scholarship Awards Luncheon to honor the 2023 graduates of the Latinas in Progress (LIP) Scholarship Program. HWNT-RGV, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to empowering women of Hispanic heritage in various arenas. Through the LIP Program, HWNT-RGV aims to equip senior high school girls in the Rio Grande Valley with the tools they need to succeed personally and professionally. This year, 52 deserving high school seniors were awarded college scholarships, totaling over $65,500. Let's dive deeper into the impactful LIP Program and its contribution to the future generation of Latina leaders.

Fostering Leadership and Personal Growth:

Since its inception in 2016, the HWNT-RGV Latinas in Progress Program (LIP) has provided a unique opportunity for senior high school females in the Rio Grande Valley. The program consists of five monthly sessions on Saturday mornings, focusing on crucial topics such as leadership, civic engagement, mental wellness, financial literacy, and access to opportunities. LIP participants have the chance to expand their network, develop leadership skills, appreciate their cultural heritage, and overcome life's barriers along their journey. Esteemed presenters and higher education sponsors volunteer their time and expertise to provide knowledge, resources, best practices, and networking opportunities to the participants.

Pathway to Higher Education:

The Latinas in Progress Program encourages senior high school girls to explore higher education by offering learning experiences that provide information, access to opportunities, and financial resources. The 2023 LIP Program was held in collaboration with various university partners, including UTRGV, Texas A&M Higher Education Learning Center, and South Texas College. Community partners, such as Rio Grande Valley College and the City of Pharr, joined hands to make the program a success. Sessions covered critical areas like college preparation, leadership training, life skills, financial responsibility, and civic engagement, empowering participants to pursue their educational dreams.

Recognition and Scholarship Awards:

Upon successfully completing the LIP Program, students are eligible to apply for the HWNT-RGV scholarship program. Their applications are evaluated based on GPA, participation in school and extracurricular activities, honors, awards, community service, college plans, and family information. This year, 52 program participants from various high schools in Hidalgo County and Starr County were selected for the prestigious HWNT-RGV scholarships. The organization proudly awarded over $65,500 to these outstanding high school seniors, recognizing their achievements and supporting their higher education goals.

Lady in Red Gala:

A Celebration and Fundraising Event: To sustain the Latinas in Progress (LIP) Scholarship Program, HWNT-RGV organizes an annual fundraising event called the Lady in Red Gala. This elegant affair brings together community leaders and supporters who invest in the future of young Latina leaders. This year, 45 inspiring female community leaders, known as "Madrinas," contributed $1,000 each towards the scholarship fund. The proceeds from the gala directly support the financial foundation of the LIP Scholarship Program, ensuring its continuity and the empowerment of future generations.


The Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (HWNT) RGV Chapter's Latinas in Progress Scholarship Program is a beacon of hope and empowerment for senior high school girls in the Rio Grande Valley. By providing comprehensive learning experiences, mentoring, and financial support, HWNT-RGV is fostering a new generation of Latina leaders who will make a lasting impact in their communities and beyond.


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